« Positive attitude » is such a popular subject that YOU should have heard / read or talked about. Before coming to Canada i’ve definitely heard about it but really started to feel it after a few months there.

I can feel and highlight the differences by comparing Europe (and mostly France) with North America.

Basically, you can see and feel it every day :

  • People don’t juge you about the way you’re dressed, if you got tattoos, your origins
  • People are just happy and enjoy life. They don’t mind about talking to you in the streetcar, subway or in the street.
  • If you need any help, they’d be glad to do anything for you though
  • I played soccer for 12 years in France… from the bottom to the best level you can see people insulting and fighting on the field, even when they are teammates. In Canada even if you’re not a good player everybody ‘s gonna support you and say that you did well and will do better the next time.
  • Homeless people are not complaining about their situation…they’re asking for any change but will wish you a great day if you can’t give anything.
  • As far as i know… i saw 2 companies on  strike the past 8 months.

2 weeks ago i was talking to a Canadian friend from Montreal about the differences between France and Canada. I was telling that there are so many people in France who don’t wanna work because they can get almost the same salary by asking help from the government than working and earn the minimum.

Surprised, his exact answer was :

« You know, even if canadian people really want to make money this is not the most important thing. People really care about what life give them every day and about what they could giveback to life and the community. They want to be successful in what they do, and work hard as much as they can. Why would people stay at home doing nothing, what could they be proud of ? Also if you wanna succeed, you have to deserve it »

I totally agree and have adopted this state of mind. – Being sarcastic and complaining all the time does’t make you stronger, it’s also a waste of time, time that you could spent resolving problems, being creative, or just enjoying life.


I’d like to finish this post with this french proverb :

« Le gagnant voit une solution à ses problèmes  – Le perdant voit un problème à chaque solution »

= > »The winner sees a solution to his problems – The looser sees a problem to each solution »