Improving yourself with a coach

Hi there,

I wanted to write a quick note about getting a coach. Some people believe that coaching is just a business. I would say they’re wrong : i got a coach !

To my mind everyone needs a coach in his life. Usain Bolt already had skills but wouldn’t have broken world records without his coach. So I had skills, but Jonathan helped me reach my goals and improve my skills (getting a better english, and find a job) by sharing his experiences, tips and methodologies.

Understanding, generous and professional, Jonathan and Seagull Institute are definitely helpful if you’re seeking for an international career.
Now I’m currently working in a Sports Organization in Toronto (Canada)  and help organizing local, national and international events.

Newcomers tips in Toronto

Hi there,

It’s never easy when you arrive in a new country : the language, the administration, the culture, habits and codes are different. Here are some tips that could really help you when you arrive in Toronto :

  • If you want to practice your english for free :
- There is a program hosted by the UOT (University of Toronto) that match you with a UOT’student. Then you can meet him once a week and get english discussion for free. Here is the link :
-You ‘d have to register on this website : It’s a good way to socialize. There is one meetup group that let you participate to an english class for free :
  • If you wanna practice sports/work out… but don’t get a lot of money… : 
- Go an check the YMCA center : they have a specific newcomer assistance program that adpat the registration price regarding your incomes. Ask to the information desk and they’ll give you everything you need to apply.  (i pay like $32/month for the all gym center’s access) –
-By registering at the YMCA, you can also have access to the internet, a printer, copies and advices for free.
  • If you wanna work in Canada you need to get a SIN card / SIN number (social insurance number). 
-Just go to the Service Canada Center located at 25 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M4T 3A4
-If you’re not confortable with your english no worries, you can ask to speak in French !
-Obviously if you don’t want to waste your time, go there early in the morning : it will take only 10 min.
  • To find a place to live (apartment, roommates….) check those websites, and don’t hesitate to call and visit as many places as possible.
  • To find a job / volunteer opportunities 
In Canada YOU NEED to get canadian experiences if you want to find a job. To get some you’ll probably need to volunteer.
Volunteering is a good way to get experience, but also to meet people @ socialize. When i arrived in Canada last October (2012) i volunteered for the Scotiabank Marathon & that’s how i met my current job (Canada Running Series ) .
You can find jobs add there :
You’ll also have to « network » a lot, that how it works in Canada. Try to go to some networking events (using meetup for exemple), or by using
If you go to networking events, you WILL HAVE to get your own business cards. You can get some for free (just pay shipping’s fees) at : or
Finally, register to placement agencies, it will definitely help you. Here are some examples :
Your french ‘s gonna be a big asset in Toronto because they need people that could speak french…and they don’t… so go for it !
If you have any questions or comments, let me know ;)
Cheers, Hugo.